As a destination makeup and hair artist, I cater to those who embrace life’s richness. My mission? To offer a sanctuary where you can revel in feeling confident, sexy, and ready for an epic dance party. Your journey with me promises nothing short of the ultimate experience in beauty, style, and unforgettable moments.

More Than Beauty:
Shani Gailbreath,
the acclaimed artist transforming makeup
and hairstyling
through relationships
and creative direction.

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Shani Gailbreath



Destination Hair & Makeup

Press & Praise

"I REALLY dig you, sister! You have such an incredibly warm and nurturing energy that is exactly what is needed onsite. Your level of calm and warmth- your humor and ability to just get it, is a refreshing and welcomed experience. We will be booking the HELL outta you for so many reasons: talent, badass bitchery, team mindset…so many more things.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all that you brought to this weekend. 


From a wedding planner in an email to Shani after a five day 2024 wedding weekend-

"You were my beauty expert, my friend, therapist, hype woman, and shoulder to lean on (literally and figuratively).  Having you with me for all of my wedding weekend events was like having a safe space to go to before and during each event. You also kept me laughing and reminded me to stay in the moment. AND I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, SEXY, ALL THE THINGS! You were essential!"
- Lauren

From a 2023 bride after her wedding weekend-