I believe in
beauty that 
goes beyond
the surface.

In my multifaceted professional journey, I've immersed myself in diverse landscapes and climates, honing my expertise to encompass an intricate understanding of an array of skin nuances, hair textures, and cultural celebrations.

My creative process

Step 1: Inquire through your wedding planner.
Step 2: Once we move forward, we'll get acquainted, uncover your vision, and curate your pre-event skin and hair care routines to be sure you look your best.
Step 3: I will coordinate with your fashion team and create a personalized mood board that translates your vision into reality.
Step 4: Next, we implement our unique pre-event beauty concierge services.
Step 5: When it's convenient for you, we will have a full run-through of your looks.
Step 6: Throughout the entire event, you are my number one priority. I am by your side, touching you up, and being your personal hype woman.

Get in touch

A concierge beauty experience



Shani is committed to working with people from all walks of life, is a fully inclusive business, celebrates all races, genders, sexualities, religions, ages,
and body types. 

Shani, pronounced Shay-nee, boasts over 15 years of professional expertise as a makeup artist in the realms of celebrity and editorial work. Throughout her career, she has crafted her distinctive style—a luminous, fresh, and flawless look suitable for all, irrespective of skin tone, age, gender, or background.

Merging a lifelong passion with a profound sense of purpose, Shani champions individuality and human connection through the transformative influence of beauty. Her philosophy revolves around embracing our unique qualities and unlocking unwavering confidence.

"I see beauty as a natural expression of our inner selves and an extension of our lifestyle. That means…
Effortless makeup and hair styling that capture your uniqueness and individuality.
Balancing professionalism and personality to foster genuine connections built on emotions, empathy, and a human touch.
A passionate commitment to celebrating all complexions, all attitudes, and all ages."

A note from the artist
Shani Gailbreath